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2 years to 3 years
The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn

– Maria Montessori

Our Pre-Primary program features a bright and fresh classroom that offers free play in the morning, outside play, group reading time, group snack time, group music time, potty training, and extended unstructured work periods where the children can choose the activity that they want to engage in. Children are not only given opportunities to persist in an activity (individually) and see it through, but they are also given periods to be in a group setting where they can build a sense of community among each other, and practice self-help skills.

Some of the self-help skills include washing hands, getting their own plate, cup, and spoon from a small basket on the table, pouring their own milk or water, buttoning their clothes, mopping and sweeping floors, and wiping tables.

Each day, the children follow a structured routine of early free play, AM snack, outside play, unstructured Montessori work periods, group time, lunch time, nap time, PM snack, and more.

Each activity in the classroom offers Junior Preschoolers the opportunity to build vocabulary skills, use fine motor skills, and extend their attention span (executive function).